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7 July 2022 03:52


The audience could not compare Alperen Duymaz and Büşra Develi! The reason is interesting!

It has been announced that Büşra Develi will be her partner in the new series of Alperen Duymaz, Erkek Severse. The female lead of the series was eagerly awaited. However, Develi caused great disappointment to the fans of Alperen Duymaz.

It was announced as soon as the end of Son Yaz, in which Alperen Duymaz will play the lead role in the TV series Erkek Severse, which will be broadcast on Bein Connect. Duymaz’s fans were also very happy that they would not be apart from their beloved actor for a long time.

His fans started to wonder who would be the female lead with Duymaz this time. Everyone’s heart was with Hafsanur Sancaktutan, his partner in Son Yaz. The audience wanted to see the duo together again.

Alperen Duymaz’s partner in Erkek Severse series has been announced. It was announced that this actress is Büşra Develi, whom we watched in the last Akıncı TV series. And this decision caused a great disappointment to the fans of Alperen Duymaz.

The reasons of the viewers who say that Alperen Duymaz and Büşra Develi do not suit each other are very interesting. Some said that Develi is older than Alperen Duymaz (there is only one year between them). Some say that Develi is taller than Alperen Duymaz.

Alperen Duymaz will play Kenan, the owner of the online shopping site, in the romantic comedy series Erkek Sever, the script of which was written by Aslı Zengin. Büşra Develi, on the other hand, will give life to a female character named Zeynep, who is divorced from her husband and is fighting for survival with her two children. Filming will begin soon.

You can see some of the posts that show the reaction of the audience to the partnership of Büşra Develi and Alperen Duymaz.

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