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12 August 2022 15:45


The audience could not get used to Pınar Deniz’s new partner, eyes sought Kaan Urgancıoğlu!

Pınar Deniz, who had a big boom in her career with the character of Ceylin in the Yargı (Judgment) series, will soon be on Netflix with the movie Aşkın Kıyameti (Love’s Apocalypse). The promotion from the movie aroused great curiosity. But the viewer has a small problem. The problem is Pınar Deniz’s partner.

Boran Kuzum and Yiğit Kirazcı accompany Pınar Deniz in the movie called Aşkın Kıyameti which was shot last summer. The production, which was shot in Antalya Olympos, will appear as a summer movie with images of the deep blue sea and the beach. The movie will hit the audience on Netflix on June 20.

The promotional audience of the movie, whose script was written by Yılmaz Erdoğan and directed by Hilal Saral, shows that a very hot love story awaits. Boran Kuzum appears as Pınar Deniz’s partner in the series. This is where the audience’s problem begins.

The new promotion from the movie created a lot of excitement. But the comment from the audience was very interesting. Because many viewers who watched the promotion expressed that they did not like seeing a man different from Kaan Urgancıoğlu next to Pınar Deniz. In their comments, the audience drew attention to the fact that a man other than Kaan Urgancıoğlu did not suit Pınar Deniz.

In the movie produced by BKM, Pınar Deniz plays a hippie-looking singer who comes to the yoga camp. Boran Kuzum gives life to a young man who comes to a yoga camp at the behest of his friend and falls in love with the character of Lydia, played by Pınar Deniz. There is a stormy love affair between the couple.

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