The Balkan Ninnisi series has different meanings for Emre Bey, who is a child of immigrants!
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6 October 2022 10:13


The Balkan Ninnisi series has different meanings for Emre Bey, who is a child of immigrants!

The Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby), which will reflect on the screens the people of the Balkans who are in between, maybe forgotten, waiting to be remembered, holding on to life without compromising their own traditions and customs, will also draw attention with human stories that give different messages in each episode.

Young talents of the art world play Ertan and Jovanka, who fall in love with each other by chance in Skopje. Emre Bey, Ertan and Merih Öztürk will appear in front of the audience with the character of Jovanka.

The impossible love story of two young people who are very fond of their families and love each other like crazy will attract great attention, Ertan and Jovanka will be loved as the new “Romeo and Juliet” of the screens.

Explaining the details about the character of Ertan, Emre Bey said, “I can say that it is one of our similar aspects that he is someone who wants to do what he knows but tries not to hurt his loved ones while doing it.”

The young actor has not taken part in a series shot abroad so far and Balkan Ninnisi will be a first for his career. Explaining that he felt very warm when he first read the script of the series, Emre Bey said the following words:

“I had never been involved in a project abroad before. This is my first experience. When I read the script, I felt that it was a warm family drama. The commitment of the characters to each other and the fact that each character has their own story made me happy.

Of course, the fact that the show was abroad made me think. It is not a decision to be taken suddenly to leave your life in Istanbul and come here. I thought a lot about this. But the project is really sincere and beautiful. I believe the audience will like it too. I’m glad I came. I am happy with where I am now and the people I work with…”

The actor also added that they will speak dialectally in the series. Emre Bey said, “As in life, there will be dramatic, sometimes emotional and funny moments in our work. I am also the child of an immigrant family… I am not estranged.”

He stated that the audience would like the Balkan Ninnisi very much.

Explaining that he also comes from an immigrant family and does not feel like a stranger in Skopje, Emre added that places like stories are sincere and warm.

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