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17 May 2022 20:11


The Barbaroslar series gives a good and bad signal, minds are confused!

On the TRT1 screen, it becomes difficult to interpret the rating results of the TV series Barbaroslar. Although the series, in which Engin Altan Düzyatan and Ulaş Tuna Astepe took the lead roles, got results well above the average, an imbalance is also observed.

Barbaroslar, which gives hope for the second season with very good rates in some weeks, gives the message that a troubled period can be experienced by experiencing serious loss of viewers in some episodes. needs.

According to the situation of the rival TV series, Barbaroslar sometimes debuts with good results, sometimes it shows that there is a loss of viewers by getting lower rates.

You can sometimes see this situation experienced by the Barbaroslar series in the TV series Sadakatsiz and Camdaki Kız. These 3 productions can sometimes get very good and sometimes a little low rates in terms of ratings.

The series, whose 22 episodes are broadcast on the TRT1 screen, has a magnificent visuality. The viewers, who love the fight scenes, are satisfied with the shooting quality of the series, which has plenty of moving moments. However, at the point of the story, the criticism of the audience is also on the social media. The Barbaroslar series, which progresses with plenty of action scenes and strong dialogues, according to some viewers, if it continues in the second season, it will explode.

However, this is an assumption and when the results of the ratings are considered, an environment may arise where the second season can increase even the good results of the first season. The audience has already begun to wonder about the fate of the Barbaroslar series. Towards the end of the season, it will become clear whether there will be a second season or a finale.

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