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11 August 2022 13:12


The Barbaroslar series is weird! That’s called balance within imbalance!

Hopes for the Barbaroslar series first increase, then decrease, and this situation always continues! The Barbaroslar series broadcast on TRT1 continues to meet with the audience on Thursday evenings and impress a large audience. Both the story and the cast of the series, starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Ulaş Tuna Astepe, are quite remarkable.

While the TV series Barbaroslar was expected to be the production that left its mark on the season, it became a series that could not get rid of the middle rows… Being a project in which TRT1 invested heavily, with its high budget and long shooting planning, Barbaroslar was a project that was started with great expectations.

While the series was expected to reveal the Ottoman Empire’s dominance of the seas and spread the love of maritime, the difficulties of shooting such scenes pushed the team on a different quest. Barbaroslar is a production where sea scenes have decreased due to the criticisms and it is now difficult to see the battles at sea that everyone is eagerly waiting for…

Although the story, which takes place more on land than on the sea, has been dragged to a different point than the expectations, there are millions of viewers who like the story and follow the new atmosphere with interest.

At the point of the ratings of the series, the most important issue is that one week good results, one week worse results. The fact that this situation emerges as a continuity makes the job even more interesting.

The 23rd episode of the Barbaroslar series was broadcast on Thursday, March 10. The series achieved fifth place in all audience groups. The team was satisfied when all people and 6-point ratios in ABC1 and a similar rating in AB were received. Because we have also seen a time when the series was disappointed with lower results.

As a result, the Barbaroslar series is in a position that started with great expectations but could not fully pay off, yet a new story order was created with the intense efforts of the team, and the audience was satisfied with this new order. It should be noted that there is a great expectation of the audience that the series will explode in the second season.

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