The big surprise in ÇağatayUlusoy's series!
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6 October 2022 13:59


The big surprise in ÇağatayUlusoy’s series!

Surprising names will take part in the second season of The Protector series.

The protector series’ 10-episode first-season shootings were completed in recent days.

CagatayUlusoy will be accompanied by surprise names in the second sentence.

In the second season of The Protector series, AyçaAyşinTuran, HazarErgüçlü and OkanYalabık will be among the surprise names.

Next week’s episode will start shooting the second season.

ÇağatayUlusoy returned from Bodrum holiday and participated in photo shoots.

There is no comment yet on the date of publication of the anticipated The Protector series.

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