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3 July 2022 14:37


The Börü 2039 series is coming with a thud!

The teaser poster of “BÖRÜ 2039”, the TV series of Turkey’s leading domestic online video platform BluTV, which is popular with its special productions, was presented to the audience with its grand production and magnificent world. The series, which was created by Alper Çağlar using a technology above the world standards and whose first episode will be published on December 28, is already eagerly awaited with its action scenes that will bring sound.

The exciting wait continues for BluTV’s special production ‘BÖRÜ 2039’, of which Alper Çağlar is the series creator and produced by Doruk Acar. With its first teaser published, the teaser poster of BÖRÜ 2039, which invites the audience to an innovative, pioneering and breathtaking world, and prepares to present an action-packed story to the audience by melting science fiction and action in the same pot, was shared. The poster, which is the harbinger of the atmosphere that will make a difference in the production, which is preparing to bring science fiction and action to the top in Turkey, is increasing the excitement about the project.

The project, in which names such as Murat Arkın, Tuğba Sunguroğlu, Tuğçe Açıkgöz, Doğan Bayraktar, Cenay Türksever, Ozan Agac, Ahmet Pınar, Cansel Elçin, Deniz Uğur and Emir Benderlioğlu met, are part of a unique experience for the audience, as well as its unusual world and story, as well as the technologies used in the shootings. will make.

In addition to former BÖRÜ members such as Murat Arkın, Ozan Ağaç, Emir Benderlioğlu and Ahmet Pınar, there are also surprise newcomers in the squad, such as Cansel Elçin, about whom Alper Çağlar said, “I’m glad our team met him.”

ÇağlarArts – Insignia business partnership meets with BluTV; “BÖRÜ 2039”, directed by Ahmet Atalay and Can Emre, will invite the audience to a journey towards the mysterious future of Istanbul and the world with its first episode that will meet with the audience on December 28th.

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