Series News Two big TV series surprises from Ahu Türkpençe to her fans!

Two big TV series surprises from Ahu Türkpençe to her fans!

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There are two important surprises for the fans who miss the famous actress Ahu Türkpençe… The actress will soon meet her fans with two different projects…

Fans of the series watched Ahu Türkpençe in the last remake of Behzat Ç. The actress who played the character of Defne took part in the production of 6 episodes, but she also pleased her followers.

The actress, whom we watched as Asena Tümer in the 6-episode TV series Börü in 2018, surprised everyone as a sniper soldier. A new film of Börü, which also has social and political messages, is being shot. Börü 2039 will be broadcast on Blu TV on Tuesday, December 28.

Fans of the series will again find the character of Asena in the Börü 2039 series. It turned out that Ahu Türkpençe was also involved with the team.

The actress also plays a leading role in the TV series Mevlana, which was filmed for TRT.

Many famous names came together in the Mevlana series, which was shot on a special plateau prepared in Konya. Actors such as Kaan Yıldırım, İlker Aksum, Ushan Çakır, Levent Can, Devrim Özkan, Burç Kümbetlioğlu, Mert Turak, Erdal Yıldız, Yusuf Çim are also taking part in the Mevlana project.

The environment of the 13th century was created on the 50-decare plateau. Buildings similar to Seljuk architecture were established.

Ahu Türkpençe will impress her fans once again with the Mevlana project, which is expected to be published in Börü 2039 and 2022 this month.