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7 July 2022 05:28


The change that made Enis Arıkan very happy in Camdaki Kız series!

Şebnem Bozoklu, who started the new Fox TV series called Elbet Bir Gün, met with her close friend Enis Arıkan. Enis Arıkan, who came to the fore with the character of Muzaffer in the TV series “Camdaki Kız”, was infected with the coronavirus.

The actor said that he survived the disease mildly and that he thought it was caused by the vaccine. Enis Arıkan, who met with Şebnem Bozoklu after the quarantine process, explained his experiences as follows:

“I had it just like the flu, I had a fever on the first day. Then gradually I got better day by day. I think it’s because of the vaccine. Because we all got Ezgi Mola at the same time, we all showed the same symptoms. We got a little better every day, it was easy. ”

Şebnem Bozoklu also stated that her friend’s getting over the disease like the flu was due to her regular vaccinations.

Enis Arıkan stated that the team in the TV series “Camdaki Kız” broadcast on Kanal D is very good and said, “We are playing with really extraordinary actors. We are working really happy. Just my being covid prevented something. I could not enter the set for 15 days. But we shot fast,” he said.

Stating that the mansion, which was used as a venue in the first season of the series, was not sold and everything was going on normally, Enis Arıkan denied the allegations.

Stating that the audience found the character of Muzaffer strange in the first episodes, Enis Arıkan also emphasized that he expected this. The actor said, “Enis is seen as a comedian. I told the producer that in the third episode, I will get it back on track, people will get used to it. It really did. The audience got used to my role and was well liked. This has been very good for me. It was good for me to do something different.”

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