Series News The Çöp Adam series is at a breaking point, the story seems to be reborn!

The Çöp Adam series is at a breaking point, the story seems to be reborn!


Looking at the ratings of the Çöp Adam (Stickman) TV series broadcast on Star TV on Wednesday evenings, there isn’t a very good picture. A series with a strong story and starring Elçin Sangu and Engin Altan Düzyatan would be expected to be one of the best productions of the season. However, this did not happen.

The story is interesting and especially Elçin Sangu in the character of Peri, with a completely different female character, reveals a portrait that we are not used to seeing on the screens. Her acting success has impressed millions of viewers since the first scenes of the series. Engin Altan Düzyatan also has a talent that amazes everyone.

There are also important details such as the fact that the story of the series is interesting, the next episodes are very curious and presented with a good fiction. However, despite all this, it is obvious that the ratings of the series, whose 15th episode is highly anticipated, are not very encouraging.

And in an environment where Adım Farah (My name is Farah) stands out in the Wednesday competition, there are too many viewers who are afraid that the Çöp Adam series will have a problem. In the story of the series, which is at a breaking point, Peri’s madness begins to come to the fore.

Tamer’s divorce from Berrin and his decision to marry Peri revealed that the direction of the story would change a lot. But a surprise turned out.

Tamer, who thinks he has found happiness, is shocked by the appearance of Peri’s mother. The following words of her mother about Peri’s true personality stunned everyone:

“Like an accident that happened to your sister? Does the man you’re going to marry know how sick and dangerous you are?”

Here comes a breaking point in the story of the Çöp Adam series. With the reveal of Peri’s true face, the excitement has increased and the audience cannot predict what will happen.

The 15th new episode trailer, which will be screened on Wednesday, March 22, has also been released. Peri’s mother says, “How did you kill her? You’re sick. A patient who killed her sister and husband with her hands.”

Elçin Sangu’s successful performance in Peri’s show of madness is also praised by her fans. Fans are very happy that the actor is showing herself in a good story after the Kiralık Aşk (Love for Rent) series.

Now, it seems that the scenes in the 15th episode will show that the Çöp Adam series is moving step by step towards a criminal and psychological drama story.