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6 July 2022 18:37


The decision of the Sadakatsiz series from a giant world publishing company!

The interest in Turkish series continues in Warner Media, which is known as a giant world publishing company… Turkish series also joined the broadcasts of the channel named HBO Max, which was established for the Latin American market.

New Turkish TV series were purchased consecutively by the platform, which started in 2020. Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet, also brought this situation to her corner. The second season of the TV series “Sadakatsiz”, which continues on the Kanal D screen, thus gained the opportunity to enter the Latin American market.

The company named Madd Entertainment, which was established in partnership with Med Yapım and Ay Yapım, sold tom 10 Turkish series to the broadcaster. Sina Koloğlu wrote these series and announced that the platform focuses on Turkish productions.

Here are 10 Turkish TV series purchased by HBO Max for their broadcasts in Latin America:

‘Menajerimi Ara’,
‘Mucize Doktor’,
‘Çatı Katı Aşk’,
‘Alev, Alev’,
‘Kara Sevda’

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