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24 May 2022 16:20


The decision taken in the Yargı series creates a bomb effect!

It was announced by Kanal D that the 31st new episode of the Yargı (Judgment) series, which will not be able to meet the audience on Sunday, May 1, will be screened on the evening of 8 May. You will witness emotional moments in the new episode of the series starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu.

In the 31st new episode of the series, Ceylin and Ilgaz decide to divorce… An introduction to the emotional moments of the new episode of the Ay Yapım series, Yargı, which has been followed with interest since the first day of Kanal D’s broadcast, has been released.

While Ilgaz leaves the house they kept with Ceylin in the promotion, Ceylin follows him to confront him. After the confrontation, the couple decides to divorce.

With the surprise developments in each episode, Ceylin bursts into tears when Ilgaz leaves the house due to Ceylin’s unrelenting anger in the promotion published in the new episode of Yargı, which manages to make the audience experience many emotions at the same time.

While Ilgaz’s words “I love you like crazy, but I can’t stay…” deeply affect the audience, the desperate state of the couple who decided to divorce at the end of their arguments is heartbreaking. The new episode trailer released gives the signals of an episode that will drag those on the screen from emotion to emotion.

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