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22 May 2022 14:59


Damla Sönmez’s departure from the Aziz series was delayed, farewell poses came!

The separation, which is expected to take place in the 25th episode of the Aziz series, takes place… Damla Sönmez said goodbye to her teammates. The actress, who has been in the lead role since the beginning of the series with the character of Dilruba, will no longer be in the story…

You will watch Damla Sönmez, who gives life to the character of Dilruba, for the last time in the 23rd new episode of Aziz, which will be screened tonight. The actress’s departure had already fallen backstage. However, this separation was expected to occur in the 25th episode.

Damla Sönmez fans also used expressions in their social media posts that they were happy with this separation because they thought that the character did not add anything to Damla Sönmez.

Photos from Damla Sönmez’s last day on the set were shared. The actress said goodbye to her teammates.

The beloved actress, who left the series as of the 23rd episode, took souvenir photos with director Recai Karagöz and her partner Murat Güven Akpınar on the last day of the set. While the emotional moments on the set were reflected in the photos, these shared frames also attracted attention on social media.

Aziz will continue to meet with the audience every Friday evening at 20:00 on Show TV with its breathtaking scenario and high level of excitement.

Screenwriter Eda Tezcan left the series last week. In the new week, this time the separation of Damla Sönmez took place… It was also a matter of great curiosity how these separation decisions taken towards the end of the season in the Aziz series would affect the story, and whether the falling ratings would recover.

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