Series News [The Depth] an awesome series

[The Depth] an awesome series


[The Depth] series latest news …

[Ilker Kaleli, Neslihan Atagul, Berrak Tuzunatac] starring in the new series …

Series airs on Puhu TV in Turkey.

Puhu TV, an internet TV.

The performances of the famous players in the series were very appreciated.

The story of the directory also attracted the attention of the audience.

A terrific set with quality acting and successful story.

Sahir, a suicide finder working in partnership with the Istanbul Security Directorate, and Bilge, a mysterious science woman, are told.

Sahir is tasked with abandoning the people who attempted suicide.

Sahir and Bilge met after one day’s phone call.

Bilge’s full of life secrets.

Sahir and Bilge’s storyteller watches the sequel.