The Destan is the first, but it's not over yet for the Masumlar Apartmanı!
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4 October 2022 19:06


The Destan is the first, but it’s not over yet for the Masumlar Apartmanı!

It’s not just a wedding, something else is happening in the Masumlar Apartmanı! The new episode of the Masumlar Apartmanı series broadcast on TRT1 screens is eagerly awaited. 50 episodes of the series have been screened so far, and important developments in the 51st episode will surprise the audience.

With the wedding ceremony of Esat and Gülben, there will be a happy moment in the series and the story will drift towards a very different point. Maybe Gülben will experience many events and emotions in her new life, but what will happen to Safiye will attract more attention.

Because Safiye not only loses her sister, she also loses her playmate at home… Safiye will experience emotional breaks when she faces the fact that Gülben will no longer be with her.

We will see episodes where the events between Safiye and Naci will come to the fore even more. Will Safiye hold on to love like Gülben or will she continue to remain in her own darkness?

There are important messages in the second trailer released from the 51st episode of the Masumlar Apartmanı series. Safiye says, “I am losing my playmate. I am losing the witness of every moment of my life.”

The falling ratings of the series Masumlar Apartmanı, where the sisters will have emotional moments, is also an important problem… The interest in the series decreased with the start of the project called Destan on ATV.

The effects of this are also visible in the ratings. The wave of change in the series Masumlar Apartmanı can strengthen Destan in its fight for the first place.

Ebru Şahin, in the lead role, may have won the first place, but everything is not over yet for the Masumlar Apartmanı.

At a point where the story in the series drifts towards hope and different events, the audience can return to the TRT1 screen again. With the power of this change, fans of the series can watch more hopeful and beautiful moments than psychologically distressing scenes. It is also expected that such scenes will ensure the rise of the series again.

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