The development that will change the course of the Mahkum series!
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1 April 2023 07:16


The development that will change the course of the Mahkum series!

Mahkum series, which came to the screen on Thursday evenings on Fox TV, has been broadcast for 5 episodes, but the storm that is caused from the first episode continues! As much as the story of the series is interesting, it is also talked about with its actors. The series, which suddenly became one of the most-watched productions on Thursday evenings, became a favourite of the channel with its rapid release.

It was an exciting entrance for the audience as Prosecutor Fırat, played by Onur Tuna, was living a happy life with his daughter and wife, and suddenly found himself in prison as a prisoner who murdered his family. While the story tells what really happened to Fırat with flashbacks, mysterious memories increase the excitement.

The acting of İsmail Hacıoğlu, the most talked about name of the series, sometimes gets ahead of the Mahkum! Hacıoğlu plays the psychopath Barış, who killed his twin brother and replaced him with such success that he almost locks the audience on the screen in every episode.

The two female actors of Mahkum, Seray Kaya and Melisa İpek Yalova, also do justice to their roles. The audience witnessed that Fırat, who was imprisoned for allegedly killing his wife and daughter in the 5th episode, started to remember something about that night. The discovery that his daughter Nazlı is still alive is a development that pleases everyone.

The introduction of the 6th episode, which came to the screen after the 5th episode of the series, is a sign that the dose of excitement and action will increase gradually! The excitement is multiplied when Barış enters the prison and falls into the same ward with Fırat!

The flow of events will change as Büge confesses the truth about Barış in the 6th episode promotion, which signals the developments that leave the audience wondering! After arguing with Zahit, it seems that the course of the story will also change after that scene in which Barış tells that he killed both his brother Savaş and a young girl!

Also in the new episode, Lawyer Cemre Uysal, who does not give up on Barış Yesari, ensures that he is imprisoned thanks to the child witness Ali. Surprise moments await Barış, played by İsmail Hacıoğlu, who falls into the same ward with Prosecutor Fırat in the series, where the facts are gradually revealed and the direction of the story changes considerably.

Here is the 6th episode introduction:

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