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6 July 2022 14:38


The Elkızı audience, who was afraid of a finale, breathed a little sigh of relief!

The Fox TV series starring Sevda Erginci and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz is literally at the critical threshold. While the viewers of Elkızı, whose ratings were at the border, were afraid that their series would make the final, the little development experienced this week gave a little sigh of relief.

The seventh episode of the series aired last Saturday evening. Its ratings were still below average. However, there was a slight increase. This situation gave a little sigh of relief to the Elkızı audience, who had tense days due to the finale allegations.

In some claims made on social media last week, it was announced that the Elkızı series would make its finale very soon. This news broke the morale of the audience of the series. However, broadcaster Channel Fox TV announced that the eighth episode of Elkızı will be broadcast on Saturday, December 11th.

NTC Medya’s “Elkızı” series has been continuing with below-average ratings since the very beginning. On Saturday, December 4, Elkızı again received below-average ratings. The series ranked eighth in all viewers.

However, Elkızı does not have such low ratings. It will be a more effective step in regaining the audience of the series if the channel management gives a certain time to this production and makes an effort to improve it.

The Fox TV series comes to the fore this season with its final decision without giving much chance to the series. Since the beginning of this season, the channel had decided on the finale of the series Uzak Şehrin Masalı, Son Yaz, Yalancılar ve Mumları. The series “Elbet Bir Gün”, which is still airing, will be broadcast on Sunday, December 12, and the Misafir series will bid farewell to the screens on Thursday, December 9 with its fifth episode.

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