Series News The event that happened to Hazal Kaya in Our Story set!

The event that happened to Hazal Kaya in Our Story set!


Adapted from the American version of the Shamless series, but with a different concept, Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) series made a final in May 2019. The leading actress of the series, Hazal Kaya, was surprised by getting pregnant before the final.

Hazal Kaya, who married Ali Atay in February 2019, learned about her pregnancy after the trouble she experienced on the day she went to the set. On April 2, 2019,she who went to the set for Our Story shoots had her first experience with her head turning dizzy. The actress, who went to the set but took the path of the hospital when she was dizzy, told those moments.

The actress, who met with Tuvana Büyükçınar in the live broadcast of the Instagram, explained what they experienced that day with the following words:

“I was going to the set on April 2. My head started to feel very dizzy. But still I went to the set. On the set, when my colleagues told me I was not good, I took the road to the hospital. I thought I was a vertigo. I seriously became vertigo and at this time a blood test was done. I learned that I was pregnant at that moment. ”

Hazal Kaya, who brought Fikret Ali to the world in November 2019, said that her son’s reactions surprised her very much. Explaining that her son is crying when there is a song he does not like, the actress said, “Obviously he will be a clear person. He can express himself already. He is 5 months old, but I am shocked by his reactions.”