The excitement of Birce Akalay fans has increased, there are new surprises in the Kuş Uçuşu series!
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3 February 2023 13:47


The excitement of Birce Akalay fans has increased, there are new surprises in the Kuş Uçuşu series!

The first season of the Netflix series Birce Akalay, starring İbrahim Çelikkol and Miray Daner, attracted great attention. It was an important success that the series showed a much more successful result than expected and reached large number of views on Netflix. The team went on the set again for the worldwide influential Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight) series.

The team of the Kuş Uçuşu series, which is revealed to be broadcast in the second season, continues to work on the set with high morale and high motivation after the great success that came with the first season. Birce Akalay also did not accept very important project offers from the producers for the new season shooting of Kuş Uçuşu.

The actor entered a great interaction environment with the release of both Kuş Uçuşu and Mezarlık (Cemetery) series in June. As fans from all over the world love these two Netflix series, Birce Akalay chose to take part in these series instead of other projects.

New characters will take place in the new period of the Kuş Uçuşu series, which started shooting for the second season on November 22. Along with the surprise names, the series is expected to come with a much more effective story.

Meriç Acem writes the script of the series, which bears the signature of Ay Yapım. Everyone knows that the new season will be a nightmare for the character of Aslı Tuna, and it is clear that Miray Daner will again stand out with her acting performance.

It will be another important surprise that master names such as Tilbe Saran, Arif Pişkin and Burak Sergen will be included in the story in the second season. In addition, Rüya Andaç will have a great opportunity to introduce herself in the new season with the character named Nazlı.

While the second season of the Kuş Uçuşu series is expected to be broadcast in the middle of 2023, it should be noted that there is already a large audience that wants the third season to be filmed.

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