The expectation from the new series of TRT 1, Kara Tahta, is huge!
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5 October 2022 17:47


The expectation from the new series of TRT 1, Kara Tahta, is huge!

The countdown continues for the first episode of TRT 1’s new series, Kara Tahta (meaning: Blackboard). The first episode will meet with the audience next Wednesday evening. The Kara Tahta series raised expectations with both the lead actors and the story.

The Kara Tahta series, starring Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç, will be on the screen with its first episode on Wednesday, March 30. While the countdown for the series was going on, its poster was also revealed.

The banner on the black and white banner reads: “I can give you a chalk, a blackboard, and a little courage. What you write is up to you.” sentence shows that a very impressive series awaits the audience.

The Kara Tahta series will breathe new life into Wednesday evenings. The strongest competitor of the series is Kuruluş Osman. It is very difficult to displace the Kuruluş Osman series, which has not fallen from the top of the rating every week since its first episode. However, Sadakatsiz and Oğlum, which were broadcast on the same evening, were not very strong in the ratings.

On the other hand, Fox TV’s Son Nefesime Kadar series, which came to the screen on Wednesday evenings, said goodbye to the screen with its fifth episode published this week. Therefore, the new production that the channel will replace this series with is of great importance in the rankings.

In its staff; Süreyya Yaşar Önal is the producer of the series, which includes famous names such as Miray Daner, Furkan Andıç, Cengiz Bozkurt. While Ender Mihlar sits in the director’s chair of Kara Tahta, Erkan Birgören writes the screenplay.

Miray Daner Irmak and Furkan Andıç will portray the character of Atlas in the series. With the character of Atlas, played by Furkan Andıç, Irmak will take place in the story as two old lovers who fell in love during their school years but then broke up and reunited years later.

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