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6 July 2022 06:36


The expected decision about ATV’s most curious series, İkimizin Sırrı, has arrived!

There is new news from the new series titled “İkimizin Sırrı”, the trailers of which have been shared on the ATV screen for about a month.

The broadcast day of the series “İkimizin Sırrı”, starring Leyla Feray, Aras Aydın, Dolunay Soysert and Bestemsu Özdemir, has been announced as Sunday. The first episode of the series will meet with the audience on Sunday, August 8th. İkimizin Sırrı, which will tell the sad story of a mother and her daughter, will come to the fore as a drama project.

İkimizin Sırrı, adapted from a Korean production called Marriage Contract, is eagerly awaited. The release date was announced with the 2nd trailer from the 1st episode of the Ikimizi Sırrı series, which was broadcast with the message “For some, happiness is hidden in small games…”. On Sunday evenings, there was a series of troublemakers on ATV. After this development, the day of the series of Head Trouble was changed to Friday.

The messages given through the social media accounts and trailers of the series İkimiz Sırrı are also quite remarkable.

While Leyla Feray plays the character of Neva, you will see Ahsen Türkyılmaz on the screen as her daughter Hayal. Alp will be played by Aras Aydın.

While the happy world of mother-daughter is shaken by the dark men who are after them, Alp is expected to come to their rescue. You can understand that the drama series has a very impressive story by looking at these messages.

– Motherhood is ignoring your own self for your child!

– A place where no one can find where it’s just the two of us, so you never cry!

– Happiness is the right of those who manage to build their own world no matter what the conditions are!

– There is always hope, Neva, as long as you don’t stop believing…

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