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6 July 2022 16:29


After the Sadi of the Kırmızı Oda, both bad and good TV series news from Erkan Petekkaya!

Famous actor Erkan Petekkaya participated in the TV8 series Kırmızı Oda as a guest actor and played the character of Sadi. Petekkaya, who appeared in 21 episodes in the first season of the series, led to his being the longest-running guest star. The reason for this was that the Sadi character was admired and the famous actor wore the role almost like a dress.

Many series fans wanted the Sadi character to be a TV series. This issue was even seriously discussed by the producer and Erkan Petekkaya. But it was decided to keep this character in taste. Maybe a movie will be made in the future, but it is out of the question for Sadi’s life to be a TV series.

Erkan Petekkaya was preparing to surprise his fans with a new series. He even talked about this series at the film festival he attended in Diyarbakir last month and said that he will be on the screen with the new project.

However, the calculations did not hold. It turned out that the new series, which Erkan Petekkaya was eagerly waiting for, was canceled. After the crisis about the project written by Sırma Yanık, the decision to cancel came. The famous actor who shook hands with O3 Medya started negotiations for a different project after the cancellation of this series.

Petekkaya, who met with O3 Medya, owned by Saner Ayar, for the new series, is waiting for the preparations to be completed. Fans of the famous actor may soon receive good news about the new series.

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