The fact that Çağlar Ertuğrul will return to the series has a message to the fans of the Teşkilat!
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29 September 2022 08:13


The fact that Çağlar Ertuğrul will return to the series has a message to the fans of the Teşkilat!

Playing the character of Serdar in the Teşkilat TV series for two seasons, Çağlar Ertuğrul took part in the shootings for 2 years in Ankara and suffered greatly due to the cold weather, especially in the winter period. The actor, who stated in her interviews that he was bored with the extremely cold climate of Ankara and that this created a big problem, is no longer in this project.

Çağlar Ertuğrul and his other friends endured this cold climate of Ankara for two years, but in the third season, the new team will make a softer winter transition with shooting in Istanbul. In the new season, instead of Çağlar Ertuğrul, you will watch Murat Yıldırım as the leading male actor.

The fans of the Teşkilat series, Murat Yıldırım, who were very upset about the separation of Çağlar Ertuğrul, actually left that sadness behind when it came to the lead role and started to get excited about the new era.

So why did Çağlar Ertuğrul leave the project? There are many people asking this question, and it is known that at the end of the first season, a separation claim was made. It was thought that the actor could not meet his expectations for the story of the series, as well as the difficulty of the climatic conditions. Was the actor very tired and wanted to rest? This question also came to mind.

However, the fact that Çağlar Ertuğrul will take part in a digital series after a difficult project like the Teşkilat shows that he does not think about resting.

However, Çağlar Ertuğrul, who will work within a certain program due to being a digital series, will have a more comfortable period.

Information about the TV series Magarsus, which will be broadcast on Blu TV, was shared. The shooting of the series, starring Merve Dizdar and Berkay Ateş, will begin in October.

Çağlar Ertuğrul had shooting days outside of Istanbul, again. This time, the actor, who will go to Adana, which is known for its warm climate, will face the camera in a slightly more comfortable environment during the shoots to be made in the fall.

The director of Magarsus, which will be Yamaç Okur’s first digital project, will be directed by Yunus Ozan Korkut, while the script of the series is written by Mustafa Yuruktümen together with the director Korkut.

The actors came together at the reading rehearsals for Magarsus, which tells about the struggle of the Kurak family, which trades in citrus fruits in Sarıbahçe, both with each other and with foreign powers that want to dominate the region.

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