The farewell of Benim Hayatım, the most unlucky series of this season, was also very unlucky!
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4 December 2022 07:34


The farewell of Benim Hayatım, the most unlucky series of this season, was also very unlucky!

Benim Hayatım series, which was screened by Star TV about a month ago, was perhaps the most unlucky job of this season. Benim Hayatım, which has not even come close to the average rating score since the first day it came to the screen, said goodbye to the screen with its fifth episode published last night.

There was a lot of criticism about the story of the series, in which actors such as Nilsu Berfin Aktaş, Genco Özak, Savaş Özdemir, Uğur Çavuşoğlu, Nilüfer Açıkalın, Öykü Çelik took the leading roles. In the production of the drama, the story of a young girl’s clinging to life was told.

The drama series could not even bind the Turkish audience, who loves tears. The series received much below average ratings with its first episode. The series, which can be ranked 12th in all people, finished the day 17th in the EU and 13th in ABC1.

As the episodes progressed, Benim Hayatım’s rating dropped further. Viewers found the story of Benim Hayatım boring. Pointing out that the music also aggravated the already-drama story, the audience still stated that they would give the new series a chance in the coming weeks.

Then Star TV changed the day of Benim Hayatım. The series, which aired on Sundays, was moved to Thursday. However, that didn’t work either. Benim Hayatım continued its decline.

Star TV, which normally allows time for its series despite the low ratings, finally made the final decision of Benim Hayatım at the end of the fifth episode. The ratings of the final episode of the series, which aired last night, were very low. The Benim Hayatım series, produced by Bahadır Özdener, said goodbye to the screen silently last night as one of the most unlucky jobs of the season.

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