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19 August 2022 10:44


The fight scenes in the series Saygı intimidated Miray Daner!

Famous actress Miray Daner appeared in front of the camera for the second season of the TV series Saygı in the summer. The actress, who took part in the first season of the project together with Nejat İşler, Boran Kuzum and Ercan Can, again performed effectively.

While the second season of the TV series Saygı, broadcast on BluTV, was appreciated, the character of Helen, played by Miray Daner, also attracted a lot of attention with her image and fight scenes.

Miray Daner did not have a problem when there were not many fight scenes in the first season. However, the action-packed scenes in the script in the second season intimidated the actor.

The actress, who did not know how to do the scenes where she had to use a weapon and had to fight closely, explained that she was worried.

However, the actress, who was trained by a special team, was very successful in action-packed scenes and had a lot of fun at those moments.

Touching on this issue in the Youtube program she participated in, Miray Daner drew attention with the following words:

“We shot two very good fight scenes. I enjoyed too much. In fact, when I first read it, I said, ‘How can I do something that I don’t know at all’. I had to work very hard, I was not very confident in myself. But I was very pleased with the result. It was extremely exciting and very enjoyable for me.”

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