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4 July 2022 09:13


The filming of The Teşkilat, which once again became the top of the ratings before the season finale was near, has come to an end!

TRT 1’s TV series Teşkilat (Organization), which came to the screen with its second season, once again topped the ratings, one week before the season finale. The shooting of the first season of the series, which will make the season finale with its 48th episode, has ended.

TRT 1’s ambitious series The Teşkilat is about to complete its second season. The Teşkilat, starring Çağlar Ertuğrul and Deniz Baysal, came to the screen with its 47th episode last night. The series, which lost its first place in the rankings to its fiercest rival, Yargı (Judgement), which appeared on Kanal D for a while, reached the top again last night.

Thus, The Teşkilat regained its former glory, one week before the completion of the second season. The series will bid farewell to the second season with its 48th episode, which will air on May 29, that is, next Sunday evening. If the gripping series tops the ratings next week, it will close the second season at the top.

The Teşkilat will air again with its third season in September. In the third season, new characters and new adventures will await the audience. In the last episodes, three important characters of The Teşkilat said goodbye to the series. Mesut Akusta, Ezgi Eyüboğlu and Tuncer Salman left the cast of Teşkilat.

On the other hand, it has been revealed that Ezgi Şenler, who plays the character of Pınar, will say goodbye to the season finale and will not be with the team in the third season. The Teşkilat will thus enter season three without its four crucial characters. It is expected that very powerful new characters will enter the series in their place.

There is a huge rating war between the Teşkilat and the Yargı on Sunday evenings. The series, both of which have very impressive stories, keep changing places in the first place. The Teşkilat displaced the Yargı from its top spot with its episode that aired last night. While the Teşkilat was first in all viewers, it lost the top to its rival Yargı in AB and ABC1.

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