Series News The final arrangement of the screenwriters in Kardeşlerim series pleased the audience!

The final arrangement of the screenwriters in Kardeşlerim series pleased the audience!


The third season of Kardeşlerim (My Brothers and sisters) series, which will start meeting the audience on Saturday evenings on ATV screens, is eagerly awaited. The first details began to emerge from the third season of the series, where young and experienced names were together and created a very good synergy. It was revealed that Kaan Çakır and Nazlı Çetin also participated in the series. The characters of Ahmet and Leyla seem to be talked about a lot in the new season.

The first trailer of the third season of the series Kardeşlerim was released and an appointment was made for the audience on Saturday, August 3rd. The new season will start with the 57th episode and some surprises will surprise everyone. The screenwriters of the series did not let the excitement of the story decrease by putting forward a very good process in the last two seasons. A similar situation is expected in the third season.

Fans of Kardeşlerim series are very pleased with the images in the trailer that show the Eren family getting richer. However, it is feared that this situation will last a short time. In other words, there is a fear that the screenwriters may make it rich first and then impoverish the Eren family again.

One viewer drew attention with the following comment: “Dear screenwriters! What a wonderful start to the season that everyone found what they deserved and that fits the mind and logic with justice. For God’s sake, don’t make the Eren family behave in nonsense under the name of ‘goodness and virtue’, which has nothing to do with them, consisting of dry pride.”

According to some fans of the TV series, everything changes in the series Kardeşlerim, but the pride of the character Asiye, played by Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun, never changes.

Those who called out to the scriptwriters saying, “For God’s sake, do not make Asiye proud and make this family poor again” seems to have the feeling that the good moments shown for the first episode of the third season may be temporary.

Another fan of the TV series called out to the scriptwriters and stated that they do not want a fiction that will result in the loss of the wealth of the Eren family and the sadness of the children again, stating that such situations are boring and the audience will not accept it.

With the third season of my brothers series, it will again achieve very successful ratings on Saturday evenings. The Gönül Dağı series did not leave the first place for two seasons, and this season, perhaps, there may be an opportunity to reach the top for the series Kardeşlerim.