The final is not far away in the Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru series!
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30 March 2023 11:12


The final is not far away in the Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru series!

The TRT1 TV series, Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru, has not been on the screen for two weeks. Fans of the series questioned whether he made the final after the work on the set was over… Those who were very curious about the fate of the series on social media were first relieved by Pelin Karahan’s statement.

Pelin Karahan, announcing on social media that the shootings in Cyprus are over, said that they have finished the job, but there are still some episodes to be broadcast. Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru comes to the screen on Friday evenings and was previously reflected in the backstage where it could continue until the 31st episode. However, Pelin Karahan stated that there are a few episodes left, and there may be fewer episodes left from the series.

Sharing the trailer of the 21st new episode of the  series, TRT1 announced that the new episode will be on the screen on Friday, 14 January. In other words, the series, which took a break for 2 weeks, will meet with its audience again.

Judging by the words of Pelin Karahan, it seems that the series will not continue until the 31st episode. Another curiosity was in which episode of the “Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru” series would make its finale.

Starring Ahmet Kural, Serkan Çayoğlu, Pelin Karahan, Devrim Saltoğlu and Gülper Özdemir, the series will once again gather its fans on the screen with its very effective scenes.

Here is the 21st episode trailer of the series, which will be broadcast on Friday, January 14:

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