The finale decision has been made for two series of TRT1!
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30 November 2022 13:42


The finale decision has been made for two series of TRT1!

The series storm that started last season on TRT1 screens continues this season and attracts great attention. The channel has very ambitious productions. Two sad news came from TRT1, which has gained a strong position in serials with special productions that touch on different subjects.

It was revealed that the finale decisions were taken for Dünya Hali and Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru series. It is stated that Dünya Hali will make the final in the 20th episode. Pelin Abay and Caner Şahin are in the lead roles of the series, which has 18 episodes so far. The absurd comedy series will be canceled due to its low ratings.

Another final decision came for the TV series Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru. The series, which started last season and attracted great attention, lost viewers in the second season. It turned out that the finale decision was made.

According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, the series will say goodbye to its audience with its 31st episode. The great oppression and struggle for liberation of the Turkish Cypriot people were brought together with the audience in the TV series, which was broadcast on Friday evenings.

17 episodes of the series, starring prominent names such as Ahmet Kural, Serkan Çayoğlu, Pelin Karahan, Tayanç Ayaydın, Gülper Özdemir and Devrim Saltoğlu, have been broadcast so far.

It was decided to make the finale in the 31st episode for the series, which will be screened on Friday, December 10, with the 18th episode.

According to this situation, the “Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru” series will continue for 14 more episodes. This means that the series will stay on the screen for more than 3 months.

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