Series News The first nice message for the 5th season of the series Kardeşlerim came from Ahu Yağtu

The first nice message for the 5th season of the series Kardeşlerim came from Ahu Yağtu


Ahu Yağtu, who plays the character of Suzan in the TV series Kardeşlerim (For My Family), became one of the important names of the project, which has been continuing successfully since February 2021.

While the 4th season of the series Kardeşlerim, which has a strong drama story, continues, it is among the information that the 5th season of the project, which received good ratings, is also being discussed.

New successes are added to the great successes of the Kardeşlerim series, which is sold not only in Turkey but also to many countries abroad, with strong ratings and new episodes every week.

Ahu Yağtu also maintains his place in the cast of the series, working intensively for the series Kardeşlerim. The famous actress explained that they continue to work intensively for the series in the YouTube chat program she attended.

Ahu Yağtu, who informed that the series was sold to 87 countries in total, said, she was the first person to give a message to the fans of the series that the project could be on the screen in the next season. Of course, there is no clear situation yet about the fate of the Kardeşlerim series, but it seems normal to consider a 5th season, as the story still finds strong audience support.

Ahu Yağtu said, “We are very busy. When that intensity is combined with the lack of a program, disaster is going to happen. We’re used to it now, it’s been 4 seasons. “People get used to it a little bit,” she said.

The famous actress answered the question about the continuation of the series in the fifth season with the following words: “I swear, I don’t know, they are talking about the fifth season. I guess as far as it goes. “It was sold to 87 countries,” she said.

With these words, the famous actress became the first person to make a positive statement about the 5th season, which fans of the TV series Kardeşlerim have been waiting for a long time.

Of course, although the final decision of the producer and broadcaster ATV is unknown, the fact that there is at least an idea to continue the series in the fifth season seems to be an important development.

Ahu Yağtu, who has been playing the character of Suzan in the series for a long time, said that she did her best to make the character entertaining.