Series News The flow in the Yargı series was broken, the audience started to object! But everything can change in an instant!

The flow in the Yargı series was broken, the audience started to object! But everything can change in an instant!

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Yargı series, broadcast on Kanal D screens on Sunday evenings, continues to be talked about with every episode. In Yargı, which is one of the most striking productions of the season, the audience is one of the competitors to put the series in another place, especially because the events flow quickly and the solutions are put forward in a short time without delay.

The viewer, who was angry that the answers and the events waiting for a solution were prolonged and continued in some series, were very pleased with the rapid flow from the first episode of the Yargı series. The audience was quick to criticize, as the 21st episode aired last week on Sunday evening, when the series remained stagnant in the face of the questions waiting for answers!

The Yargı series signed by Ay Yapım is a highly acclaimed production, especially in terms of its script and acting. The screenwriter of the series, Sema Ergenekon, is spoken at least as much as the lead roles are Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu. The care of the screenwriter for the story, which was put forward with great effort, is already known to everyone.

The steps taken by Sema Ergenekon to keep the show from reality, working with lawyers for two years, spending time in the courthouse corridors are the biggest factors in the success of the series. However, there are some critical comments from the audience along with the last episode of the script.

Quickly unraveling the knots and finding the answers to the questions every week in the Yargı series is a trend that the viewers love very much in the immersive flow. While the events were resolved without further ado with surprises at the end of each episode, the audience was left alone with another question at the end of the episode.

When we look at the long story of many TV series without saying a single sentence for weeks or months, the flowing scenario of the Yargı series stands in a completely different place. But the audience got used to this situation so much that the one-week pause was immediately reflected in the criticism!

Judging by the comments from the viewers on social media, the criticisms of the Yargı series stand out. In the last episode, the audience is eagerly waiting for Engin’s murder to be solved as soon as possible, for the murderer to be found and revealed. Especially for two episodes, looking at some clues, the feeling of ‘it will come out this week’ is kept alive.

However, as other stories and complex relationships intervened, the Engin issue went on and on. In the new episode, after Yekta had to deal with Ceylin and Ilgaz, the issue of her diploma being fake arose. Ceylin and Ilgaz, who wanted to investigate the situation from the school archive, came to the front of the building and there was an explosion. Right after, Yekta and Cüneyt’s laughter-filled moments were reflected on the screen, who happily watched the explosion from the news. Engin issue is left to another section.

It is already known that there are many secrets in Yekta. There is a high probability that Engin killed or had his own son killed. All doubts are centered on him as well. However, as we get closer to Yekta, it is seen from the fake diploma issue that other events will unfold before Engin can get into the issue.

With the discovery of Engin’s murderer, what kind of path will the Yargı series take, which is another question! The most important issue of the series at the moment is finding the murderer. What will happen after the murder is solved? The story needs to give the audience another gripping subject for the continuation of the series. Probably the screenwriter will not prolong this situation, but after Engin’s murderer is revealed, other plots must occur so that the continuity of the series can be ensured.

Although it is not possible to know how the screenwriter will follow for now, it can be said by looking at the previous chapters that this situation will not go too far.

It is guessed by the audience that Niyazi is Yekta’s man. Seven holds great secrets. But once you untie it and throw it in, there will be no story left in the series at the current state! Therefore, the viewer’s attention is drawn to other places by making more complex situations live. Difficulties are being created to solve the Engin issue.

It is interpreted by the audience that the fast-flowing Yargı series entered a somewhat stagnant process for this reason. One of the comments made by a viewer for the last episode is as follows: “It’s getting boring now. One murder went unsolved. The prosecutor became a lawyer, the lawyer went to prison. The series began to deviate from its name. Turn Ilgaz to the prosecutor’s office, and Ceylin to the lawyer’s office. Let the excitement in the first chapters come. Was there a need to bring Yekta to the forefront so much?”

Another viewer says: “We don’t watch anymore.. It goes on the same plane. If I start this fast, a series will become this ordinary. There is no dialogue between Pars and Ilgaz. What the hell was the explosion…” he wrote.

Yet another viewer said, “Today is the last time, I said I gave it one last chance, I will continue to watch if the instigator shows up today. But I won’t watch this issue any longer.” makes a comment…

Similar comments could be multiplied. However, many people bring similar criticisms to these comments. It’s hard work to write a long series every week and keep the attention at the top. In the series Yargı, which makes the channel smile again with its ratings, the screenwriter will definitely do his usual maneuvers and will draw the audience into a completely different story when they least expect it! Because Sema Ergenekon is a name that has always managed to make the audience of the Yargı series happy with her powerful pen that has always surprised her throughout the 21 episodes… We’ll watch and see…