Artists News The funniest 5 of Kardeşlerim series! Lizge Cömert made a confession on the set!

The funniest 5 of Kardeşlerim series! Lizge Cömert made a confession on the set!


Lizge Cömert is one of the young actresses of the TV series, Kardeşlerim (meaning: My Brothers), which is broadcast on Saturday evenings. The actress, who draws great attention with the character of Süsen, was born in 1999 in İzmir. Continuing her education on acting, Lizge Cömert makes good use of the opportunity to showcase her talents.

The actress, who received acclaim for her performance in the TV series Kardeşlerim, became one of the names that impressed the fans with the character of Süsen. Stating that she started acting in middle school, Lizge Cömert stated that she discovered her talent thanks to her drama teacher.

Lizge Cömert, who goes to courses and takes the stage in theater plays, makes good use of the opportunity she has with the TV series Kardeşlerim, in which young actors shine.

Stating that she can keep secrets very well, the actress said that everyone can laugh at everything on the set of the series. She said that they couldn’t stop laughing especially when they came together with Eren, Yiğit, Berk and Cihan.

Judging by what the young actress said; When Eren Ören, Yiğit Koçak, Berk Ali Çatal and Cihan Şimşek and Lizge Cömert come together, they form the funniest 5 of the set.

Lizge Cömert dreams of traveling the world and most of all she stated that she would like to go to Norway. The actress also wants to jump with a parachute, but she has both a fear of heights and a lack of courage. Lizge Cömert also stated that she does not like to change her image.