Artists News The great trouble of BurakÖzçivit

The great trouble of BurakÖzçivit


BurakÖzçivit, who has achieved a great reputation thanks to his ‘Endless Love’ series, is one of the Turkish players known around the world …

The actor went to the movies after this series finished.

He is both Producer and has not received enough interest in the three films he has starred.

December 24, 1984 Born in Istanbul, the actor is a graduate of Marmara University, Department of Photography.

He, who made his transition to acting in 2006 following his modeling, was liked by Malkoçoğlu in the Magnificent Century series.

‘Kemal’ character in the ‘Endless Love’ series was a big hit for the actor.

This tv series, just launched in many countries all over the world not only in Turkey.

BurakÖzçivit had the chance to spread his reputation abroad.

The actor has not been involved in the series for 2 years. Films did not see the interesting thing.

Finally, Özçivit, who made an advertising deal and earned $ 1 million, is famous for investing his money in cars.