Artists News EmreKıvılcım is our new junior candidate!

EmreKıvılcım is our new junior candidate!


September 2, 1991 Born in Malatya, EmreKıvılcım took part in the television film ‘Yağlı Yiyemem Aman’ in 2006.

Afterwards, the player who gave life to the Selim character for 2 seasons in the Elif tv series gave life to Selim character in the film named ‘Murder Love’.

Finally, EmreKıvılcım, which we watched with the character of Genco Yaman in the Name Zehra tv series, is talked about with remarkable performance.

The actor, who greatly increased the fan base, has also caught the attention of the producers.

The spark has attracted the producers with their talent and the brands abroad with their good looks.

The actor who received the motion picture offers after the final of the series, said he was looking at the season projects warmly.

Actors are raining bids from all countries, from Indonesia to Latin American countries.