Series News The Güzel Günler series lit a glimmer of hope, it can drag many series after it!

The Güzel Günler series lit a glimmer of hope, it can drag many series after it!


The new Show TV series called Güzel Günler (Good Days) made a good start thanks to the high interest shown by the audience. Binnur Kaya’s return to the screens after an influential TV series such as The Kırmızı Oda (Red Room) made her fans happy. The rating results of the series Güzel Günler were the first sign that such productions that can be watched as a family can come to the fore on the screen.

On the television screen, both action and intrigue-filled series are broadcast one after another. There are very harsh scenes in these stories with high drama, and from time to time, the audience complains about this situation. In addition, the intense processing of deceptions in stories is another issue that attracts the audience’s reaction.

The Güzel Günler series, on the other hand, stands out as a production that all members of a family can come together and watch. The prejudices that this type of TV series will not receive much attention seem to have decreased a little with the good first episode ratings of the series.

Besides Binnur Kaya; The Güzel Günler series, in which young names such as Olgun Toker, Leyla Tanlar, Ecem Erkek, Zeynep Çamcı and Burak Dakak came to the fore, brought a new perspective to the screen.

Let’s see if there will be other TV series that can be watched with the family in the future, telling current life rather than action, and containing stories similar to the lives of people in society, without deception or intrigues.

Güzel Günler can at least be shown as a sign that such productions have a chance to be successful.