Artists News The handsome actor of the ‘Oluversin Gari’ movie series, Birand Tunca, answered the question ‘Where is your love life?’

The handsome actor of the ‘Oluversin Gari’ movie series, Birand Tunca, answered the question ‘Where is your love life?’

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The handsome actor Birand Tunca, who had his first film experience with the ‘Oluversin Gari’ movie series broadcast on Fox TV, has been making a name for himself recently with his acting performance and handsomeness.

The actor, who gave life to the archaeologist Güney character in the film, became the cover star of the August issue of Be Touch Mag Men Magazine. The actor made very specific statements to the magazine about his business and private life.

Stating that ‘Oluversin Gari’ is a different and enjoyable project for him, the actor said the following about his beloved ‘Güney’ character; “It was a different experience for me as well and it was a very enjoyable process. I am very glad that the audience shares the same feelings. After all, Güney is not a utopian character. One of us. Maybe your best friend or neighbor. I think it’s normal to be loved and possessed. He was like a close friend of mine. That’s why we were able to put our heads together and pour our hearts out easily at the same table.”

The actor posed for the magazine many remarkable poses by the sea; Expressing that he is a city person even though he throws himself into nature at every opportunity, he said, “Once you get used to the city tempo, people want to escape just to breathe and relax spiritually. Apart from that, I am a city person,” he said. Birand Tunca answered the question ‘Where is love in your life?’ as follows; “It’s in a very special place. Even I can’t tinker with it.” The actor is about Aslıhan Malbora, with whom he shared the leading role in the ‘Oluversin Gari’ movie series; “Aslıhan is my friend and I wish I had the opportunity to work before. We had a harmonious set,” he said.

So who is the actor that Birand Tunca takes as a role model? “As I say in every interview, I want to be like Daniel Day Lewis in terms of his profession. I will give you an example. I’d rather be called an actor and handsome than a handsome actor.”


The actor, who has acted rich, sweet, European characters on the screen, says that acting is a long road and that he wants to appear in front of the audience with different and complicated characters in the future. Birand Tunca explains that it is not possible to make a list of the features that an actor should have with the following words; “Acting is specific. Even if you have the best features in the world, if the director asks you to act the flute with your nose and you cannot do it, you will not be an adequate actor. Therefore, my only suggestion to those who want to become an actor is to develop themselves as much as possible. What I would say to never do is to despair.”


Birand Tunca, who rides horses, uses swords, dances and reads a lot, said that he has recently been interested in subjects such as holographic universe theory, quantum, matter and physics.