Artists News The harmony of Barış Kılıç and Evrim Alasya is not that much!

The harmony of Barış Kılıç and Evrim Alasya is not that much!


You can notice how compatible Barış Kılıç and Evrim Alasya, who starred in the Show TV series called Kızılcık Şerbeti (Cranberry Sherbet), are both in terms of their personality traits and in terms of their professionalism, both on the set and on the screen.

Indeed, the partnership of two successful and experienced names in such a project revealed a very important series couple. Those who see the characters of Ömer and Kıvılcım with a very good harmony on the screen may realize that the two actors exhibit this harmony in real life as well.

Everyone’s attention attracted the attention of the duo, who gave an interview for the Sunday Surprise program, to wear jackets with the same color and stripes, to realize this, and to the similarity of their reactions and their strong harmony with their style.

While Barış Kılıç was teasing his friend by saying, “Are you following me?” Evrim Alasya smiled by saying, “Is this a harmony?”

Stating that they normally don’t wear the same clothes to avoid similarity on stage, Barış Kılıç also said that they could not realize how quickly time passed during 17 episodes. “I was thinking in the trailer, it’s been 17 weeks,” the actor said.

The harmony of Barış Kılıç and Evrim Alasya is not that much! 7

Explaining that they read very good comments about the series, Barış Kılıç said that this gives them excitement, strength and motivation.

Talking about the nice comments coming from the street, the actor said, “It also makes us happy that our work is appreciated so much.”

Evrim Alasya, on the other hand, said: “When we were thinking about how we will shoot the first episode, how we will play, it is really strange to be in the 17th episode. The sense of time disappears when we get into set tempo.”

Underlining that they have done a very difficult job, Alasya stated that when they do not receive a reward, everything becomes much more difficult.

The actress said, “A lot of work starts and ends, it’s not easy to get something done. Seeing that the audience likes us much more makes it easier to get rewards,” she said.