The house that brought Özge Gürel thousands of likes!
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4 December 2022 04:49


The house that brought Özge Gürel thousands of likes!

Özge Gürel, who returned to the screens with the TV series Mr. Wrong after a long hiatus, is also drawing attention with her posts. The actress brings the character of Ezgi to life in Fox TV’s series, where he appears in front of the camera with Can Yaman. Özge Gürel’s posts on social media are followed with interest.

The actress currently has 4.6 million followers. Especially the intensity of Italian fans cannot be ignored. She, who is following many Turkish and foreign people, also gets great interactions with her posts. She, who has been together with actor Serkan Çayoğlu since the series of Cherry Season, drew attention with a pose she gave as a home.

Özge Gürel is completely in summer house mode in a pink shorts and a white shirt, posing at home with pillows on the sofa. Özge Gürel’s fans have made more than 316 thousand likes and more than 3 thousand comments on this pose of the actress within 2 hours.

The successful actress is a name that is admired both for its remarkable series and style on the screen. Özge Gürel, who was also the face of a sock brand, is also in the branding of young women with her clothing style.

Here is the last post of the actress:

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