Artists News An old TV series of Özge Gürel, who did not hold the last 3 series, comes to the fore!

An old TV series of Özge Gürel, who did not hold the last 3 series, comes to the fore!


Özge Gürel is going through a surprising period in her acting career. Özge Gürel, who has increased her popularity in recent years and has gained a wide fan base abroad, has recently appeared in the action series called Sipahi. Özge Gürel, who once again chose a television project 2 years after the short-lived romantic comedy series Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) in 2020, could not find what she was looking for in the Sipahi series.

The fans of the famous actress were very fond of Özge Gürel’s new project, who appeared in an action series for the first time, but because the ratings of the series were bad, the project managed to stay on the air for 8 episodes. Özge Gürel’s return to the television screen after a long hiatus was not as expected, but an old TV series has been gaining great success recently.

The series Dolunay (Bitter Sweet), starring Özge Gürel and Can Yaman together and deeply affecting the audience in 2017, is achieving significant success abroad.

The Dolunay series, which is being marketed as Bitter Sweet, had a great impact in Italy for a while. It is stated by industry experts that the international sales of the series have reached up to 70 countries and this is an important success.

This great success of the romantic comedy series Dolunay leads Özge Gürel to be recognized by a wider audience. However, the fact that the actress has not been able to get very successful results in television projects lately does not escape attention.

Famous actress after the Dolunay series; had the misfortune of being short-lived in the television projects Muhteşem İkili, Bay Yanlış and Sipahi. Özge Gürel, who is also talked about in the digital series Hayaller ve Hayatlar (Dreams and Lives), is shown as one of the most curious names about what she will do in the new season.