The humorous discourse of the actors of the Yargı series on the set has now entered the dialogues in the series!
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4 February 2023 10:58


The humorous discourse of the actors of the Yargı series on the set has now entered the dialogues in the series!

Yargı (The Judgment) series, which is broadcast on Kanal D screens on Sunday evenings, is very popular with its actors as well as its story. The actors, who receive the praise of the audience every week with their performances, are also reflected in their social media posts that they get along very well behind the camera.

Successful actress Uğur Aslan, who gave life to the Eren commissioner in the series, is also the wife of screenwriter Sema Ergenekon. Ergenekon also draws attention with its social media posts about the series. The famous screenwriter had made a nice surprise to the actors in the past few days while sending the script!

In the 37th episode of the series, the note ‘4 sweet horsemen of the apocalypse’ was dropped and Pınar Deniz shared this surprise with her followers with the photo below.

In fact, Pınar Deniz’s followers saw the starting point of this discourse last season! Pınar Deniz as Ceylin, Kaan Urgancıoğlu as Ilgaz, Uğur Aslan as Eren and Mehmet Yılmaz Ak as Pars draw attention with their energy behind the camera.

4 actors are in the main cast of the series and are the key figures of the story in Yargı. The actors, who worked shoulder to shoulder for long hours, drew attention to themselves with the ‘4 desserts of the Apocalypse’ discourse by sharing the following before a shoot together last season.

This discourse was also accepted by the screenwriter Sema Ergenekon, and the famous screenwriter added the note “4 sweet horsemen of the apocalypse” to the 37th episode scenario. Then, in the following days, with the sharing of Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, the 4 actors described themselves as the “4 desserts of the Apocalypse” in the photo where they gave one of the first poses of the new season.

This discourse has gradually turned into a dialogue that is included in the series! Ceylin’s use of the word “4 horsemen of the apocalypse” in the last episode brought the humorous discourse of the four actors on the set to be added to the series by the scriptwriter.

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