İçimizdeki Ateş series is full of mystery and ATV's expectations are high!
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9 February 2023 09:11


İçimizdeki Ateş series is full of mystery and ATV’s expectations are high!

İçimizdeki Ateş (Fire Inside) series, produced by Fabrika Yapım and produced by Öner Arslanel, will be broadcast on ATV screens.

İçimizdeki Ateş with its gripping story and characters that will be talked about a lot; It will tell the story of four young lawyer candidates holding on to life and achieving their dreams. Standing out with its striking characters and an engrossing story full of mysteries, İçimizdeki Ateş, which has already won the praise of the audience with its introductions, has a cast that brings together experienced actors and young stars.

Two different drama productions, both Sevmek Zamanı (Time to Love) and İçimizdeki Ateş, were prepared for the summer season on ATV.

Sevmek Zamanı met with the audience on Monday, but the ratings were lower than expected. It is curious to see what the results of The İçimizdeki Ateş will be in the first episode to be published on Thursday. Atv expects significant success from this powerful youth and law series.

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