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11 August 2022 18:37


The impossible thing happened in the Camdaki Kız series, this pain is not like the others!

The Camdaki Kız series, broadcast on Kanal D on Thursday evenings, continues to be talked about with its impressive story and strong acting performances. The pain experienced by the character of Nalan, which Burcu Biricik revealed with a very successful performance, did not end.

The character of Nalan has suffered a lot in the story so far. We witnessed that Nalan was sad and shedding tears in the face of many events. However, it will hurt the audience and you will face a great pain that the character of Nalan has not experienced until today.

Nalan loses her baby in the 34th new episode of the Camdaki Kız series, which will be broadcast on Thursday, March 10. With this deep pain, the character is now expected to be dragged to a very different point in the story.

The Camdaki Kız 34th Episode Trailer was shared. What Nalan fears happens to her and she loses her baby! This sad news will fall on the agenda like a bomb. Aside from how the story will progress, the pressure of the series fans on the script will increase even more.

Nalan, who took a stance against the family with her rebellion that no one said anything to her despite everyone knowing about her relationship with Sedat and Cana, will turn into a completely different person as her suffering increases exponentially.

Serial fans now want a Nalan who stands on her own two feet, can make her own decisions, and is not indifferent to what’s going on around her. It is not known whether this wish of the fans will come true in the later parts of the series, but it is clear that it will not be possible for Nalan to be the same as before.

The Camdaki Kız is on Kanal D with its new episode on Thursday at 20.00!

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