The joy of Salih Bademci and Gökçe Bahadır for the award to the Club series!
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2 December 2022 23:46


The joy of Salih Bademci and Gökçe Bahadır for the award to the Club series!

After the first season was broadcast, the Club series was met with great appreciation both in Turkey and in many countries where Netflix broadcasts. It was also named as the best period drama filmed in Turkey with its story that was shot in 10 episodes and lived in the 1950s.

Starring Gökçe Bahadır, Salih Bademci, Barış Arduç, Asude Kalebek, Fırat Tanış and Metin Akdülger, the series was liked so much that it was decided to shoot the second season.

While the audience is eagerly waiting for the new season, awards have started to come to the series. The last award came from the Magazine Journalists Association. On the night of the 26th Golden Lens awards, which was held in the past days, 3 awards went to the Club TV series! Gökçe Bahadır and Salih Bademci, who attended the night, gave the following poses of joy with the awards they received…

The scenes in which the two actors played each other in the series were especially appreciated. Salih Bademci, who won the appreciation of everyone with the character of Semih Songür, who lived a difficult life and received great support from Matilda, played by Gökçe Bahadır, was among the most talked about in the series.

Matilda and Selim scenes were the most liked scenes of the series. While Club TV series received the Digital Platform Best TV Series award at the event, Gökçe Bahadır received the Digital Platform Series Actor of the Year Award, and Salih Bademci and Barış Arduç together received the Digital Platform Series Actor Male Award.

Salih Bademci also won the Theater Actor of the Year award for his play Aydınlıkevler with Demet Akbağ. With the award given to the play, Salih Bademci left the night with four awards.

Bademci said, “I am excited and proud. Both our theater and our Club series received awards. It was a great surprise for me,” he said.

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