Series News The Kızılcık Şerbeti series will now turn into the show of Serkan Tınmaz and Ceren Karakoç!

The Kızılcık Şerbeti series will now turn into the show of Serkan Tınmaz and Ceren Karakoç!


In the story of the Kızılcık Şerbeti (Cranberry Sherbet) series, which was broadcast on Friday evenings and continues to gain great success, the love of Umut and Nursema is now expected to come to the fore in the script.

After the show received a suspension of 5 episodes from the Radio and Television Supreme Council, Show TV will have an appeal process. How this will turn out is unknown. However, it is no longer difficult to predict which characters will be the main characters in the story.

Ceren Karakoç and Serkan Tınmaz, who are expressed as supporting roles in the series, will now be referred to as the names that steal the roles from the leading roles.

In fact, in the statement made by the duo last week, it was emphasized that there could be very important developments in the love of Nursema and Umut. In fact, the planning of the screenwriters was partially revealed the previous week.

The scenario, which will progress step by step towards the happy days of Nursema’s love, Umut, will be a good choice to attract the attention of millions of viewers.

The resurrection of the love of Umut and Nursema in the 21st episode of the series seems to leave its mark on the upcoming episodes of the series.

Serkan Tınmaz became one of the names that attracted attention with the character of Umut he portrayed. The fact that they are a very successful TV series couple with Ceren Karakoç reveals how important this project is for Serkan Tınmaz’s career.

Recently, Ceren Karakoç is the most talked about name in the series world. The explosion of the ratings of the series revealed how much the audience showed interest in the experiences of the character of Nursema.

While this result is obvious, the screenwriters of the series will now reveal the character of Umut more strongly in the story.

Serkan Tınmaz and Ceren Karakoç duo will also have the opportunity to settle in the main center of the series in the upcoming episodes.

In fact, the first signs of this situation were revealed with the reunion of Umut and Nursema in the 21st episode.