The lottery hit the screenwriters! Pınar Bulut, the screenwriter of Mucize Doktor, became a pioneer!
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25 March 2023 11:17


The lottery hit the screenwriters! Pınar Bulut, the screenwriter of Mucize Doktor, became a pioneer!

It is noteworthy that Disney Plus took quick steps in its Turkey operation and established many connections in the TV series market in a short time. Disney Plus, which has made agreements with ambitious production companies such as Ay Yapım, Medyapım, O3 Medya, OGM Pictures and MF Production, for new series, is attacking from three sides!

Disney Plus, which first made agreements with actors and production companies one by one, now started to make special agreements with very ambitious series screenwriters. According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, screenwriter of the famous TV series Pınar Bulut came to the fore in this regard.

It turned out that many of Turkey’s successful screenwriters, like Pınar Bulut, started to work on new series of Disney Plus. Pınar Bulut, who wrote the stories of TV series such as Ezel, Suskunlar, Mucize Doktor and Şahmaran and has a well-deserved reputation, will write her new stories for Disney Plus.

It was a remarkable development that important names such as Engin Akyürek, Can Yaman, Aras Bulut İynemli, Pınar Deniz, Hande Erçel made agreements for the TV series to be broadcast on the platform.

Many production companies are also a part of these agreements, and the scriptwriters are also a part of this business… Disney Plus takes the steps to develop its brand with their productions by making agreements with both actors, producers and screenwriters.

This situation, which has turned the TV series market upside down, is a herald that many influential TV series are coming in the coming period. There is also information that Halit Ergenç and Şahan Gökbakar have agreed on the projects to be prepared for Disney Plus. Especially in April, these projects are expected to emerge one by one.

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