The love that makes the audience happy in The Ambassador's Daughter
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29 November 2022 11:03


The love that makes the audience happy in The Ambassador’s Daughter

Deniz Işın joined the series with the character of Akın’s brother, who made Sancar and Nare suffer a lot in The Ambassador’s Daughter. Sahra was someone who changed the balances in the series … She revealed her love for Gediz in the 32nd episode. The love fire of Gediz and Sahra pleased the audience on the screen.

With the insanity of Gediz, played by Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, the fans of the Ambassador’s Daughter, who are disturbed by the character’s pulling to a bad point in recent weeks, think that the series will become more active with the emergence of a new love.

The fans of the series who left a comment saying “I didn’t think they would be so good” already liked the Gediz – Sahra couple … The followers of the Ambassador’s Daughter, stating that they wrapped the kissing scene and watch it over and over, wrote, “I hope Gediz will get the fire of the Sahara” in their comments on social media.

The fans of the series stated that the chemistry of Gediz and Sahra, who liked the scene very much, and that they felt it on the screen, commented, “How do you look good, two crazy psychopaths”.

There were also those who thought the two devils had found each other. It seems that in the TV series Ambassador’s Daughter, the screenwriters decided to reveal a new love and change the direction of the story.

The acting of Deniz Işın, who later joined the series, was also found very successful by the series fans. The Sahra, which has an important place in the story, is expected to be one of the characters that direct the series from now on.

The message from the 32nd episode of the series was also received by the audience. A new love is also the beginning of a new era.

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