The main idea of ​​the new series Sipahi is no different from the Teşkilat!
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2 December 2022 13:45


The main idea of ​​the new series Sipahi is no different from the Teşkilat!

Show TV series called Sipahi, which has been shooting for a while, will be a new alternative especially for action-loving viewers. Kerem Alışık will attract attention as another leading actor in the new series, where you will watch the partnership of Kaan Yıldırım and Özge Gürel.

The trailer of the Sipahi series, whose effect was further enhanced by Kerem Alışık’s voice, was highly appreciated. Again, you will watch an intelligence agent story and the character named Korkut Ali Türkoğlu will take part in very effective scenes to show the power of the Turk.

Of course, the Sipahi series will reveal a story that supports the recent propaganda environment, as a project that is reflected on the screen as an effort to strengthen national consciousness, just like the Teşkilat (Organization). We can say that the TV series Sipahi will rise from a similar point, just like The Teşkilat, which has come to the point of Turkish propaganda for Turks.

The importance of the National Intelligence Organization has always been very high, and TV series made specifically on this subject are always candidates for great attention. Just as the organization continues on its way successfully in the third season, there does not seem to be much of an obstacle to the fact that the Sipahi series, which draws attention as a similar production, is a long-term production.

Fans of the series, who started to make comments saying “The Sipahi series is officially on fire,” are eagerly awaiting the performance of Özge Gürel and Kaan Yıldırım, especially in the lead roles. Of course, you will witness that Kerem Alışık, with his impressive voice and strong acting performance, once again stands out with this series.

The Sipahi series will soon meet with the audience on the Show TV screen and even though it is likened to the Teşkilat, it should not be underestimated its potential to attract millions of viewers with a very different dynamic.

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