Artists News The master actor of TRT 1’s new comedy Mükemmel Eşleşme returns to the screen after years!

The master actor of TRT 1’s new comedy Mükemmel Eşleşme returns to the screen after years!


TRT 1 is getting ready to introduce the new comedy series Mükemmel Eşleşme (Perfect Match) to the audience. The reading rehearsal of the series, which will be screened as a summer series, was held. The series, which will be on the set very soon, returns a master actor to the screen after many years.

The Mükemmel Eşleşme, which will be brought to the screen by Mint Production, which has produced unforgettable series such as Çocuklar Duymasın (Children Do Not Hear), Seksenler (Eighties) and En Son Babalar Duyar (Last Fathers Hear), will be the bombshell of TRT 1 this summer. Birol Güven writes the story of the series, in which Emre Kavuk will act as a director.

The series, which is about two young people who meet with the occasion of their mother, and establish a happy family, brings a master actor back to the screen after a very long time. This name is Volkan Severcan. Volkan Severcan, who has been engraved in our memories as Tuna, the unforgettable character of “Çocuklar Duymasın” by Mint Yapım, will take a role in the new series of TRT 1.

Ahmet Kayakesen is the leading actor of the series in Mükemmel Eşleşme, a fun family comedy. He attracted attention with his wife’s family series and was known by the masses with the series Hercai. The series also features actors such as Ayşegül Günay, Cem Zeynel Kılıç, Eylül Öztürk, Ayhan Taş and Asuman Dabak.

Volkan Severcan, a master actor with a theater background and a dubbing artist, has played roles in TV series such as Çiçek Taksi, Günaydın İstanbul Kardeş, Benden Baba Olmaz and Yasemince. Volkan Severcan most recently played the character of Tuna in the TV series Çocuklar Duymasın.

Towards the end of June, the team of the series will come together and start shooting. As TRT1 did in previous years, it is expected to catch the attention of the audience before the TV series bombardment in September, by bringing the series to the screen in August.