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7 July 2022 01:41


The Mete of the Teşkilat, Mesut Akusta, wanted to read a script as soon as he opened his eyes after a cerebral hemorrhage!

TRT 1’s popular TV series The Teşkilatwas shaken by bad news just as it was on the set for the new season. Mesut Akusta, who played the character of Deputy Undersecretary Mete Yücesoy in the series, had a brain hemorrhage and was taken to the hospital.

In the incident that took place five days ago, Akusta was treated in the intensive care room after the operation that lasted for about three hours. The very pleasing news has finally come from Mesut Akusta, who has been unconscious in the intensive care unit since that day.

The master actor opened his eyes yesterday and came to himself. Announcing his recovery to his fans with the post he shared on his social media account yesterday, Akusta thanked everyone who was curious and interested.

Akusta’s devotion to life, who loves his job, brought tears to the eyes of his fans. Because as soon as Mesut Akusta woke up, he wanted to read the script for the new episode. This was announced by the actor’s wife, Şafak Özbir Akusta.

Akusta shared a photo of his wife on social media and wrote: “He’s really crazy. Does one want to read screenplays as soon as they wake up? I don’t know how many times I can thank God, but the prayers of your family, your children, your loved ones, your commitment to life and your love for your work have brought you back to us. May God not let him live again and heal whoever is.”

Now his fans are waiting for Mesut Akusta to return to the set as soon as he regains his former health.

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