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6 July 2022 18:14


Özgür Ozan, the Hüsnü of Arka Sokaklar, took advantage of the holiday and changed his image!

Özgür Ozan, who plays Hüsnü Çoban, the policeman of two children in Arka Sokaklar, the longest-running TV series of Kanal D, which has been broadcast since 2006, changed his image. The famous actor surprised his fans with his new image.

Özgür Ozan, one of the longest-lived actors in the Arka Sokaklar series, plays Hüsnü Çoban, a modest police officer who is the father of two children. Hüsnü is one of the most loved characters of the series.

However, a while ago, it was claimed that Özgür Ozan would say goodbye to the project after the separations in the Arka Sokaklar series. His fans were very upset by this situation and shared hundreds of posts on social media.

Fortunately, the claim was not true. It was announced that Özgür Ozan and Zafer Ergin, who is claimed to leave with him, continue their agreement with the producer of the series, Erler Film, and they will continue their roles in the series.

Arka Sokaklar series took a vacation during the summer. He will soon be back on the set for the new season filming. By the way, even the holiday opportunity, Özgür Ozan also made a big change in his image. Özgür Ozan grew his hair and collected it and grew a beard.

This pose of Özgür Ozan with his necklace and different outfit on his neck was admired by his fans and caused comments that the actor looked younger. However, the actor will probably be back to his old self when the drama starts shooting again.

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